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Who’s responsible for branding in your organization?

Who’s responsible for branding in your organization? If you think it’s marketing’s job, you may misunderstand what branding really is. Branding incorporates every facet of your image and marketing strategy, including your logo, your advertising, your website, your collective social … Continue reading

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Presenting “Creating a Virtual Community” at NCMPR in October

On Oct. 7, I’ll be presenting “Creating a Virtual Community: Using Social Media to Connect with Students, Prospects and Alumni” at the 2010 National Council for Marketing & Public Relations District 3 Conference in Indianapolis. It will be an update … Continue reading

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The Friday Fail: the sports section

Proofreading’s important. Even better if you can have someone objective take a look before you go to print. Someone who reads “colon,” for example, and thinks “body part” before “Angels pitcher.”

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What’s in a name?

This long overdue SmartBlog on Social Media post does a great job of telling all the social media “gurus,” “ninjas” and “rockstars” to get over themselves: [S]ocial-media marketing isn’t like other industries. It’s got something to prove…and that task becomes … Continue reading

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Why you may no longer need a website

For years, businesses have seen a website as a necessity, as fundamental as having electric power, phones, and a sign on the door. With the growing influence of social media, however, the role of the websites is changing–and as a … Continue reading

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To hell with you, Mavis Beacon: I’ll take Texter

I hate typing. Absolutely hate it. As someone who makes part of his living as a writer, though, it’s not something I can avoid. I’ve tried endless workarounds (like donning the headset of shame that comes with Dragon Naturally Speaking), but Texter … Continue reading

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Billboards that stop traffic

On Friday, I posted about what one commenter called “one of the all-time worst billboards I’ve ever seen.” Today, I’d like to share some billboard designs from the other end of the spectrum, courtesy of If you’re looking for … Continue reading

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