Will Facebook Check-Ins Kill Foursquare?

Earlier this week, Mashable reported that Facebook may announce its own geo-location feature today. I don’t use Foursquare much (other than to follow how it affects clients), and I don’t think I’d change my behavior if Facebook started allowing check-ins. But at least one commenter to the Mashable post summed up how the new feature might prove to be a tipping point of sorts for geolocation: “I don’t use FourSquare or any other geo-social app,” he said, “but I would totally consider it if it was all integrated into Facebook.”

I think the bigger issue for Foursquare isn’t getting people to start using its service: it’s keeping people interested if they can check-in on Facebook. That, along with other problems cited by TechCrunch yesterday, might result in Foursquare users checking out in droves.

If you currently use Foursquare, Gowalla, or another site, why do you “check in?” And if you don’t, would you consider doing so if it were available on Facebook?

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4 Responses to Will Facebook Check-Ins Kill Foursquare?

  1. Robyn Sekula says:

    I love foursquare. I like being the mayor of a place – it’s like writing your name on the wall, creating a mark that you were there, that you like the place and you support it. I like getting badges. No, I LOVE getting badges, and I’ll go to almost any length to get them. I like getting tips from friends and strangers about great places to go. I like the interface, the way it works, and how it is really a democracy – anyone can add a venue and anyone can check into a venue, so long as you are actually NEAR that venue.
    I do not, however, want to share every check-in with everyone on Facebook. I have 950-some friends on FB, and there is no way in heck they all want to know where I had lunch. I don’t want to integrate the two. I use FB, Twitter and Foursquare very differently, as do most of my friends. I like things the way they are, thanks, and like most things on Facebook, I’m sure their geo-location program will be buggy and difficult. Ugh. No thanks.

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  3. Andy Welfle says:

    I think that eventually Facebook Plaes will be a fun and valuable thing. A few things need to happen first:

    1. Facebook and Foursquare have to better integrate. Some consumers (like me) hate being put in the situation to choose between Foursquare or Facebook, and will inevitably go with what they have been using.

    2. More people will need to get smartphones in order to actually use Facebook Places. Right now, like Foursquare, it is mostly the techy or social media-y (yep, that’s what I said) people who use it.

    3. Facebook needs to give users more control over the places they can check in to. Right now, if I mess up and misspell something or mislabel a place, I’m stuck with it. I can’t delete it, I can’t relocate it, I can’t do anything but create another place.

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