To hell with you, Mavis Beacon: I’ll take Texter

I hate typing. Absolutely hate it. As someone who makes part of his living as a writer, though, it’s not something I can avoid. I’ve tried endless workarounds (like donning the headset of shame that comes with Dragon Naturally Speaking), but Texter is the best one I’ve found yet.

How does Texter work? Well, it’s pretty simple: after you set up a “text expansion” phrase, just type in a few characters and a “trigger,” and Texter automatically inserts a longer phrase. For example, if I type in “sm” and then hit the TAB key, Texter automatically types in “social media.” And it works in every Windows program on my laptop.

Will Texter make you a better writer? No. But if you’re looking to do more in less time while still communicating clearly, it helps make typing less of a burden.

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