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Critical comments: let ’em go. Unless….

It’s somewhat well known that critical comments posted to your Facebook wall, blog, or other social media space are actually a good thing: they allow you to answer questions or understand when your customers/clients think something needs improvement. However, not … Continue reading

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The Friday Fail: Whoops.

And it’s not PhotoShopped–here’s the story from News Channel 15. The lesson here? Proofread. Even when it’s only 8 words.

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Why Wired’s UK editor shuns Facebook

Yesterday, I discussed why being Luddite might not be such a bad thing for some successful late-career professionals. Today, this story about Wired UK editor David Rowan’s aversion to Facebook grabbed my attention. While it would be hard to position Rowan … Continue reading

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Letterman as everyman: What Dave’s Luddite stance tells us about late career social media use

Much has been made about the Luddite tendencies David Letterman displayed at his recent Ball State appearance with Twitter co-founder Ev Stone. As the story in the Muncie Star Press noted: Letterman never touched the open laptops on the table between him and Stone. Although … Continue reading

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The car as media space–and the end of commercial radio?

It wasn’t too long ago that, while driving, you could only occupy yourself with the following activities: Listening to commercial or public radio Listening to an 8-track tape/cassette tape/CD Thinking with no distractions Talking to a passenger Talking to yourself … Continue reading

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Retooling your resume

Who says your resume has to be a piece of paper? Not Graeme Anthony, who produced a video resume so good it went viral: And neither does Jesse Desjardins, who put together this awesome slideshow about slideshow resumes: Is a … Continue reading

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The Friday Fail: I guess master’s degrees aren’t all they’re cracked up to be

You’ve probably seen this one. If not, it’s a good reminder that when you’re presenting, being loud isn’t a strategy unto itself. (By the way, he lost the election. )

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