Close the loop on Facebook: get credit for solving problems offline

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Last week, I was giving a client some feedback on her company’s Facebook page. I noted that someone had asked a question on their wall a week prior, but had never received a response.

“Oh,” she said, “we looked up his info in our system and called him back. We thought it would just escalate the problem if we tried to solve the problem on Facebook.”

I give this person a ton of credit for a. answering the question, and b. recognizing that Facebook is just part of a communication continuum that sometimes requires you to pick up the phone. However, they still missed a crucial step–and left a bad impression on the rest of the audience as a result.

What was missing? A reply on Facebook, thanking the person for his wall post, acknowledging that the problem had been solved over the phone, and inviting him to ask any other questions. If you don’t close the loop in this way, anyone else visiting your page–as I did in this case–believes the person has been left hanging. A quick reply can signal to the rest of your audience that you’re listening–and solving visitors’ problems, one way or another.

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