My takeaways from Andy Goodman’s presentation about storytelling

Last week, before I spoke at the National Council for Marketing & Public Relations District 3 Conference in Indianapolis, I had the chance to hear Andy Goodman present “Storytelling as Best Practice.” Andy’s presentation was an inspiration, and I learned a ton (including this: Andy Goodman is a hard act to follow). A few of the best takeaways:

– Your presentation slides are an opportunity to tell a story. A photo can make an emotional connection. Bullet points, charts and graphs can’t. (I try to practice this, but Andy’s presentation made me want to put even less on my slides.)

– Fewer numbers. More stories.

– Every plot needs a barrier to create interest. You can still keep your audience engaged even if they know how the story ends–as long as you keep them wondering “what happens next.”

– Video almost always does a better job of storytelling than text. This is a great example (click on the image to watch :30 video):

What’s your organization’s story? How can you tell it more completely using these best practices?

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2 Responses to My takeaways from Andy Goodman’s presentation about storytelling

  1. Robyn Sekula says:

    One of the things journalists do a lot to pull readers into a story is to start with a person, and work the numbers in gradually, and sprinkled throughout the story. You want numbers, but not in big chunks, and you want to give an impressive number a lot of space to make an impact in a presentation. I was just at the national Society of Professional Journalists conference, and several presenters had some numbers that made the audience gasp – and they would just say them, let them simmer a bit and on the screen would be just the number and an image. It worked well.

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