The Friday Fail: Tweets don’t fail me now

Two recent examples show that once something’s out there, it’s there forever:

1. From the Business Insider “Sports Page” blog:

ESPN’s “Sports Guy” Bill Simmons accidentally broke huge news about the Vikings trading for Randy Moss…

The whole time he was blasting out texts and trying to break the story, he was in the middle of filming segments for ESPN’s E:60 show. During breaks he was trying to gather information.

Since he’s not super connected, and he’s not the sort of person that breaks news, Simmons decided to DM Adam Schefter, ESPN’s chief NFL scoopster.

Under the hot glare of TV lights, with tons of make-up caked on his face, he got flustered trying to DM Schefter. He kicked himself out of DM mode, into regular Tweeting mode, without realizing. He blasted out the tweet “moss Vikings.”

2. And then there’s this, from LostRemote:

An employee for KTVX-TV, the ABC station in Salt Lake, accidently sent out a tweet on the station’s Twitter account on Friday morning:

Image from AOL Jobs

The station quickly deleted the tweet and followed it up a couple hours later with an apology: “A personal tweet went out that in no way is consistent with the station views. This issue has been addressed and we apologize for the tweet.”

KTVX confirms it accepted the resignation of the staff member who sent it out, and it was a case of confusing the station’s account for a personal account…

The lesson? Today’s communication environment is busier than ever before, and the more you try to multitask, the more likely it is that you’ll make a mistake. As LostRemote says, this is a “good reminder to triple check before you send a potentially controversial tweet.”

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One Response to The Friday Fail: Tweets don’t fail me now

  1. Robyn Sekula says:

    This is my greatest fear, and I wish Tweetdeck would let me color-code the columns for different clients. I don’t tweet for clients from my phone at all, ever, for this very reason.

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