LinkedIn enhances “Who’s Viewed My Profile”

For a long time, LinkedIn’s “Who’s Viewed my Profile” feature was somewhat of a tease. After clicking on a home page link that looked like this…

You’d see a page that looked like this…

Sometimes it was enough information to know who was viewing your profile, but often it was only enough to keep you guessing. The catch, of course, was that LinkedIn wanted you to upgrade your membership in order to get more information.

Earlier this month, however, LinkedIn introduced an upgrade: now, when you click on the “Who’s Viewed my Profile” link, you see something like this:

That’s much better! Real names and faces–and much less guesswork. You still need to try to figure out why these people are looking at your profile, but knowing exactly who they are makes that a little easier.

There’s a catch here, too, though: in order to see those names and faces, you need to be willing to reveal your identity when viewing others’ profiles. In other words, if you don’t want people to anonymously visit your profile, you give up the right to be anonymous. It’s a fair trade off, but one that’s worth remembering the next time you’re killing time on LinkedIn.

The most important thing to remember about “Who’s Viewed My Profile?” is that it’s worth a visit every now and then, but don’t get too carried away. If prospective clients or employers visit your profile, it may mean they are interested in hiring you. Or it may mean they randomly stumbled upon your profile. Or that someone they were looking for shares your name. Or that they saw that you were stalking their profile. Just because someone’s looking, it doesn’t mean they’re interested. But even if you don’t know why they’re there, at least now you know who most of them are.

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