LinkedIn links companies to endorsements

I have to admit that I liked the simplicity of the “old” LinkedIn company pages. All you needed to do was write a decent profile, punch in a few stats, and LinkedIn did the rest. I even recommended it as a replacement for some websites’ “About Us” link, in part because it was so easy to use.

Well, in the social media world, the only constant is change. So it’s no surprise that LinkedIn has “enhanced” the company profile feature. The biggest change is that LinkedIn users now can endorse a company’s product and services, much in the same way they can recommend individuals. How does this help you? Here’s what LinkedIn’s Ryan Roslansky has to say:

“Each time a LinkedIn member endorses your products or services, their recommendation becomes visible to all of their connections and could spread virally. When you promote and curate these recommendations, you have some of the most credible, authentic endorsements of your products on your Company Page’s Product tab.”

The changes will be coming to your Company page soon, but you can preview them by visiting the Microsoft, Volkswagen, and Dell pages, among others.

Microsoft's LinkedIn Company page gives users the chance to endorse specific products.

All of this comes just about month after LinkedIn added several options to company profiles, including the Careers tab. Altogether, it’s clear that LinkedIn is striving to become for companies what it already is for individuals: a great way to showcase your relationships and let others learn about you through their peers.

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