Blog for your audience–or blog for yourself

Blogging is a great way to share you expertise and connect with customers and prospects. But even if your blog only reaches an audience of one–yourself–it has some great benefits. As Mark Schaefer says in “Ten Reasons to Blog–Even if Nobody Reads It,” there are many solid business reasons to have a blog, even if the crickets are chirping in the comment section.” Schaefer’s list includes SEO benefits and the content a blog provides you with that can be repurposed “to answer customer questions, as the basis for speeches, newsletter content, and as reading assignments for workshops.”

I’ll add a few other benefits to those on Schaefer’s list:

  • A blog keeps you current on trends in your industry, what’s important to your customers, even what your competitors are up to. As a blogger, you’re always on the lookout for good content, and that keeps your antennae up.
  • A blog gives you practice as a writer. Honing any skill takes practice, and writing’s no different. Blogging gives you another chance to exercise those muscles.
  • Blogging gives you a little more credibility. Everyone who’s built a successful career has something worth blogging about. Few people seize that opportunity, however. By authoring a blog, you have the opportunity to earn a little more credibility as someone who cares about what’s happening in his or her industry and has something to say about it.

Here’s the best part about blogging for yourself: if you do it well, and you do it consistently, and you want an audience, you’ll find one over time. You’ll need some patience, but by starting out with limited expectations for hit and comment counts, you’re less likely to get discouraged and more likely to find a reason to keep posting a few times a week.

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