A Sheep in Foxes’ clothing

If you ever use unsecured public wi-fi, this post from the EH Design & Consulting blog is a must read. Here’s a summary:

Recently a firefox plugin was released called FIRESHEEP.  This simple little plugin takes just seconds to install, is incredibly simple to use, but can wreak amazing havoc!…After installation, it adds a sidebar to your Firefox browser.  This sidebar has one simple button labeled “Start Capturing”.  When enabled…it captures anyone’s…login credentials!

I asked the author, Eric from EH Design & Consulting if it only allows the Firesheep user to capture credentials from other Firefox users, and the answer is no–you’re vulnerable even if you’re using Chrome or IE.

Read Eric’s post if you want to learn how to protect yourself. Let’s be careful out there, people.

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2 Responses to A Sheep in Foxes’ clothing

  1. Eric Hall says:

    Anthony –

    Thanks for the re-post of the write-up. I think this problem is a big deal. The ultimate solution is for web site developer to re-think how web apps (like facebook) work. But, until that happens, we’ll need to do something else.


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