Zales ad a diamond in the rough

Most jewelry commercials suck. One common thread is dialogue that no one would utter, anytime, anywhere (“He totally went to Jared,” guys in Kay Jewelers commercials calling a “Leo” diamond by name). Most others have hackneyed story lines that would make a soap opera scriptwriter wince.

That’s why Zales’ holiday TV spots are somewhat of a diamond in the rough. Conventional wisdom says that jewelry spots should be targeted at women–and most should. However, with all the engagements happening this time of year, there’s definitely a case for spots targeted at men.

What does Zales get right? First, the actors look like people you might know. Most of the settings are also realistic–everywhere from the under the Christmas tree to a surprise on the street. And most importantly, the music is spot on: not a jingle. Not a Josh Groban/John Tesh/Kenny G hybird. Nothing, in fact, but the guitars and gravel that is The Black Keys. Great band. Great song. Good spot.

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2 Responses to Zales ad a diamond in the rough

  1. Robyn Sekula says:

    You’re so right about that genre. I absolutely detest and despise the Kay commercials. In fact, I am not a jewlery person at all, I think in part because these ads show these weak-kneed women who I simply don’t relate to – and I just do not see myself like that. You’re right, it’s a good ad. Still hasn’t convinced me to buy jewlery, but it’s a lot better than most.

  2. Kevin says:

    Agreed – these are memorable because they’re the first jewelry spots I can remember aimed directly at men. Jewelry/diamond advertising too often looks to work indirectly – sappy spot tugs at the female’s heart strings; she then communicates her desire to male to buy for her.

    When purchaser and end-user aren’t the same person, it would make sense to engage and influence the purchaser. The diamond biz traditionally thought it more effective go after the end-user. Zales’ approach is different and refreshing.

    Plus, these spots are good because the Black Keys are kick-ass.

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