Another phone productivity tool: Google Voice

Thanks to comments to my post about PhoneTag from Eric Hall and Kevin Mullett, I was reminded of another great tool that allows you to manage phone calls and voice mail: Google Voice. Google Voice is feature rich–and free, at least for now. My two favorite things about Google Voice are:

1. The ability to have calls “find you” wherever you are, ringing them to all the numbers you include in your account, and

2. Voice mail transcriptions and an audio file of the message delivered right to your email inbox, which eliminates the need to call a number to retrieve your messages

The main reason I’m sticking with PhoneTag, despite the fact it’s NOT free, is that its transcription quality seems to be much, much better. But watch the video below to decide if Google Voice is right for you. No matter which tool you use, you’ll save time and be more productive. Not a bad way to start the new year.

Hat tip on the NBC Bay Area article: Scott Howard

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One Response to Another phone productivity tool: Google Voice

  1. Rick says:

    With Google Voice the care facility where my parents now live can always contact me wherever I am just by calling me at my Google Voice number. Priceless!

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