“Education” tools allow you to search Facebook wall posts

If you’re looking to put a glass against the Facebook wall and hear what others are saying about a brand, trend or person, try FacePinch, GabberFace or OpenBook. These tools, which claim to be designed to help “educate” Facebookers about online privacy, are great for efficiently tracking some conversations that may be important to you.

All three tools are somewhat similar. Here’s a glimpse of what you might see after searching “Fort Wayne” on GabberFace:

One important caveat: posts only appear on FacePinch, GabberFace and OpenBook from users who have not limited access via their Facebook privacy settings. That means not all conversations about your search terms are reflected, and those that do appear are from users who probably don’t know their posts can be seen. Proceed, therefore, with caution.

A big hat tip to Robyn for bringing GabberFace to my attention.

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