A crowd draws a crowd on social media sites, too

Yesterday, I wrote a short entitled “A crowd draws a crowd”–the fact, that is, that people generally want to be where other people are. The same holds true on social media sites. If your Facebook page, for example, has only a few fans, adding new ones is more of a challenge than it is for more populous pages.

Some of this is self-explanatory, and it’s somewhat related to the number of people you have spreading the word for you, but it’s crucial to remember when considering whether your brand should have one presence on a given social media portal, or multiple presences (one Facebook page or several, for example, for the same entity). My take is that if it’s the same brand and the same audience, one is almost always the right answer. Why? Because:

1. A crowd draws a crowd. If you have one well-populated page, it’s going to be easier to get new fans to “like” your page. They’ll see the other “likes” as an endorsement of sorts that indicates it’s a safe place and worthy of their time and attention. Conversely, if you fragment your efforts across multiple pages, it’s going to be harder to grow each of those pages.

2. It’s more audience-friendly. Don’t make me guess which page I should join, or make me go to multiple pages, or I may very well decide it’s not worth the effort.

3. It’s easier to moderate. If you start a social media forum of any kind, you have the responsibility to pay close attention to that community’s activity. You have to listen, know when an audience member wants a response, and police spam. That’s hard enough when you have one page, so don’t increase your labor unless you have to.

This is yet another case of putting the audience first. Do what’s right for them, and they’ll keep coming back. Especially if there’s already a crowd gathered there.

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