Google Voice solves one problem, creates new ones?

Back in December, I posted about two great services designed to help you stay productive while managing phone calls and voice mail: Google Voice and PhoneTag. I mentioned that one of the reasons I prefer PhoneTag over Google Voice is transcription quality. But there was another issue: I didn’t want to have to use a new number, which was required with Google Voice…until last week, that is.

On Tuesday, Google announced that it was offering “phone porting,” which essentially means that users can transfer their existing phone number to Voice, for a $20 fee. It was enough to make me consider dumping PhoneTag altogether. But then I read this Slate article on Friday. In short, says Slate’s Farhad Manjoo:

If you assign the number to Google without telling your mobile provider, then Verizon or AT&T will think you’re canceling your plan. If you’re under a contract, the phone company is going to charge you a fee for canceling early. Those fees can run into the hundreds of dollars depending on what kind of phone plan you have and how much time remains on your contract.

For now, I’m sticking with PhoneTag. But I’m curious: has anyone ported a number over to Google Voice? Is it is challenging as Slate makes it out to be?

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One Response to Google Voice solves one problem, creates new ones?

  1. Rick says:

    I agree the Google Voice transcription to email is not good and does not appear to be getting any better. I have no interest or need to port another number to Google Voice though. I selected a number that fits my name making it easier to remember. So for my needs in my personal life Google Voice has been a great tool.

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