You may as well be yourself

Perception is limited. Others–even those closest to us–never really see us as we truly are. Factor in all the propaganda, half-truths, and outright lies told about us, and you’ll quickly see that there’s no one real version of the truth.

Collectively, then, as it’s told by you and those who know you, the story of your life is a work of fiction. The only thing you can control is the story you tell, so you may as well be yourself.

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4 Responses to You may as well be yourself

  1. Tammy Davis says:

    Very interesting. I have recently found myself musing over these very same points but have not been able to characterize the issue this succintly. You’re right. When there’s already so much noise, false fronts just complicate the issue. The only way to minimize the noise is to strip it away when we can. It just doesn’t make sense to do anything but be true to ourselves.

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  3. ajjuliano says:


    I’m glad this one struck a chord. Thanks for reading!

  4. Son Huynh says:

    “Being who you are” is a thought and that doesn’t stay the same all the time.

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