You can learn a lot from Charlie Sheen*

It’s clear that Charlie Sheen’s actions of late demonstrate that he’s gone head-over-heels, ass-over-teakettle, bat-shit crazy. But if you listen closely to some of things he’s saying, you just might get some beneficial career advice. For example…

Charlie Sheen on…confidence:

“Every day is just filled with just wins. All we do is put wins in the record books. We win so radically in our underwear before our first cup of coffee, it’s scary.”

When you make a bold move, whether in Hollywood or in business, it’s not enough just to believe in yourself. You have to believe in yourself to the point of others thinking you’re a little insane. Try it sometime. Before your next big presentation, meeting or project, don’t just give yourself a pep talk. Don’t just tell yourself that you can win. Tell yourself that you’ll win “radically.” “Before your first cup of coffee.” “In your underwear.” If you do it often enough, you might just end up convincing yourself, as Charlie has, that you’re truly “a bitchin’ rock star from Mars.”

Charlie Sheen on…planning:

“PLAN BETTER Applies to everything where an excuse now sits. Try it. U won’t be wrong. Ever.”

Most of us are terrible at planning. We sit at our desks and daydream about what we’d do if we only had the time. Maybe write a book. Maybe get a better job. Maybe fix inner city schools. I don’t think those are on Charlie’s to-do list right now (except for the book–you KNOW he’s getting a book deal out of this), but his approach to planning is spot-on. If you’re going to perform better, you need to PLAN BETTER. And not just “plan better,” mind you, but PLAN BETTER. You’d probably stop procrastinating. You’d probably stop spending wasting so much time. And you’d probably end up WINNING.

Charlie Sheen on (beware of oncoming irony)…knowing your limitations:

“I tried marriage. I’m 0 for 3 with the marriage thing. So, being a ballplayer — I believe in numbers. I’m not going 0 for 4. I’m not wearing a golden sombrero.”

It’s one thing to believe in yourself; quite another to believe that you can do anything. The key is to focus on your core competencies and stop spending time on things you’re not good at it. For Charlie, that means marriage. For you, it might be managing your own finances, designing your own ads or painting your own kitchen. Stop doing things you don’t like, especially when you’re bound to fail. And by all means, eschew the dreaded golden sombrero.

Charlie Sheen on…John Stamos:

“I like John [Stamos], but…the show sucks if he’s on it. Sorry, just speaking the truth.”

This is maybe the smartest thing he’s said. Stamos is the anti-Midas. Everything he touches turns to suck.

If Charlie Sheen has proven anything during the past week, it’s this: not everyone can get to one million Twitter followers in 24 hours. It helps if you’re unemployed. But what it really takes is a keen sense of self, some witty quotes, and a plan. Is Charlie’s advice right for you? Well, we can’t all be winners. But if you listen to what he’s saying, you just might end up believing that you too can be a bitchin’ rock star from Mars.

*No, I’m not entirely serious. Except for the part about Stamos. Stamos is poison.

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