Turn the camera around

Organizations are used to putting themselves in front of the camera to tell their story. Today, there’s a better way. Instead of pointing the camera at the organization, it’s crucial that you point the camera at the audience and let them tell the story.

This can be pretty simple. Want to tell a story about how great your organization is? Find a customer who thinks you’re great and let them tell the story. Want to tell a story about the benefits of volunteering for your nonprofit? Find some of your volunteers, point the camera at them, and let them say why they give you their time. Looking to get hired? Have former colleagues and customers be your spokespeople.

The camera doesn’t have to be an actual camera. It can be a recommendation on LinkedIn. A blog post. A Flickr page. Any means by which you tell you story is your camera. And here’s the great thing: when you make someone else part of your story, it becomes their story, too. As a result, they’ll share with their network, giving you access to people who may have never before heard your story.

If you are responsible for telling your organization’s story, you’re likely pointing the camera at yourself way too often. Stop. Focus on the audience. Make your story their story. Turn the camera around whenever you can.

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