Fascinating Facebook stats from Fast Company

This month’s issue of Fast Company features an infographic with some fascinating stats about Facebook. Here’s a sample:

Estimated valuation of Facebook: $50 billion

There are 610,736,920 member profiles on Facebook–one for every 11 people on the planet
24% of users live in the U.S.

Each month, the avg. user creates 90 pieces of content and spends 6 hours, 2 min., and 50 sec on the site

2010 ad revenue (estimated): $1.86 billion
2011 ad revenue (estimated): $4 billion (an increase of 114%)

Facebook is the #2 site in the U.S. (behind Google and ahead of YouTube and Yahoo)

Brands with the most “likes”:
– Coca-Cola: 21.6 million
– Starbucks: 19 million
– Oreo: 16.2 million
– Disney: 15.6 million
– Red Bull: 14.7 million

Every 60 sec., users
– Send 230,000 messages
– Update 95,000 statues
– Write 80,000 wall posts
– Tag 65,000 photos
– Share 50,000 links
– Submit 500,000 comments

In a recent survey, 65% of teens admitting to friending their parents
16% said it was a precondition of them joining the site
38% of teens have ignored a friend request from mom/dad

Zynga has created 19 games that are played by 275 million Facebook users

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