Call for photographers – need your help for my TEDx talk

I’m very proud to have been chosen as one of the speakers at the May 14 Fort Wayne TEDx event. (If you’re unfamiliar with TED, here’s an overview.) My topic is “Accessibility: Fort Wayne’s Competitive Advantage.” My goal is to show how our mid-sized-city status is our greatest asset.

A key component of my presentation will be the premise that people are more accessible in Fort Wayne because there are fewer degrees of separation between us. (More on that later.) One way I’d like to demonstrate that premise is by sourcing all the photos for my slides via my connections–either people I know, or those they know who have a passion for photography. Why use Flickr’s Creative Commons, I’m thinking, when I can tap into Fort Wayne’s very own creative community?

Photography is one of the keys to a great presentation, and my presentations are designed with that in mind. If you’d like to participate by contributing a photo, send me an email or continue to visit Content. In the coming weeks, I’ll write a post with the specific shots I’m looking for and a few minor disclaimers (for example: no, this isn’t a paying gig–I’m not getting paid, either–but yes, your work and your photo will be acknowledged). I’d like to keep it simple, though, so there won’t be much you need to know other than the specific shots I’m looking for.

Thanks in advance for being part of my presentation. I look forward to hearing from the Fort Wayne photography community: pros, amateurs, and everyone in between.

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5 Responses to Call for photographers – need your help for my TEDx talk

  1. Don Kincaid says:


    I would be glad to participate. Look forward to more details.


  2. ajjuliano says:

    Thanks, Don! I’ll share more details soon.

  3. Sounds fun, Anthony. I’ll try to contribute if possible.


  4. Tammy Davis says:

    I love this idea. It works on so many levels. Great thinking!

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