Calling all photographers: your help needed for my TEDx talk!

Last week I shared my goal of having all of my TEDx talk photos sourced through people I know, or people whom my connections know. Now I’m ready to share the list of photos I need…some are more abstract than others, so I’d be happy to provide more info if needed. Also, the photos can be old or new–as long as they are your work, or you have the right to share them with me. Here goes:

  1. A photo that conveys accessibility: something ideally showing the ease of getting from Point A to Point B. This is about as abstract as I’ll get, but it’s a vital photo since it will be on the title slide.
  2. A photo that shows Bostonmaybe the skyline or an iconic image. Maybe you’ve been there, or you know someone who has.
  3. A photo of Fort Wayne–a skyline or something you believe that represents the city well.
  4. A photo of Indianapolis, Chicago or Detroitor a photo of a map that shows Fort Wayne in relation to these cities.
  5. A photo that shows a traffic jam
  6. A photo of light traffic in Fort Wayne
  7. A photo of a nice house in Fort Wayne
  8. A photo of a diverse group of people…even better of this photo is unique to Fort Wayne
  9. A photo of something that stands out like a sore thumbthe opposite of camouflage
  10. A photo of a college graduate
  11. A photo of a family
  12. A photo of a book or someone writing
  13. A photo of a businessperson–ideally small business. It would be absolutely phenomenal if it represented someone local who has started a well-known,  successful business.
  14. A photo that represents travel–maybe it’s you on an island, maybe a child on an airplane, maybe someone you know at an iconic location
  15. A photo that represents giving back/philanthropy
  16. A photo that represents a movement–a protest, a march, a picket line
  17. A photo of someone thinking or of people clearly arguing or debating
  18. A photo that shows collaboration
  19. A photo that shows how small can be big

A few notes:

    • When you have a photo you’d like to share, please click on the “Contact me” link in the upper-right-hand corner of my blog, email it to me, and let me know which number above it’s intended to fulfill.
    • I’m looking for GREAT photos–the ones you’re most proud of. I plan to be very selective, so please contribute only the shots you’re most proud of.
    • By sending me the photos, you’re giving me the right to use them and waiving any expectations of compensation for them. You’re also extending those rights to TEDx Fort Wayne. In other words, one you say we can use them, they become property of the event and its presenters.
    • Your work WILL  be acknowledged!
    • Your work WILL reach a great audience!
    • Your efforts WILL BE appreciated!

Help make Fort Wayne’s TEDx event truly special. Let’s show our community the kind of talent we have right here at home. Please feel free to pass this on to anyone you know, whether they’re a professional, an amateur, or anything in between.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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