“Social media is like having a dog”

Photo courtesy of Amber Recker

In this month’s Fast Company, there was a brief profile of Carol Kruse, ESPN’s senior VP of marketing that included this passage:

“Marketers like puppies,” Kruse says of those who delight in new campaigns, then drop them. But social media is like having a dog.

I like that analogy a lot. Everyone loves the puppy, but eventually
someone’s going to have to commit to feeding it, taking it to the vet,
finding someone to watch it when they’re on vacation, and taking it
for a walk a couple times a day.

So when you make a commitment to social media, make sure you
understand that you’re not just getting a puppy. You’re getting a dog.

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7 Responses to “Social media is like having a dog”

  1. I LOVE this! As a social media strategist (and dog Mommy who maintains my dog’s social media presence, as well!), I think that this is right on. Both need a lot of maintenance. Luckily for me (and for my dog, Raegan – http://raeganhuston.com), I enjoy working on both! I would type more but I have to feed Rae and help her blog! 🙂

  2. What a fine looking couple 🙂 Of course, I mean the dogs.

  3. Andy says:

    Luckily, social media has never peed on the floor or chewed up my furniture. Yet.

  4. ajjuliano says:

    Thanks for the comment, Lauren–I’ve already used the analogy in one presentation since reading it this weekend. Really admire Kruse’s perspective.

    Andy, we know that social media is NOT like a cat, unless you’re talking about a page that just hisses at people and don’t respond when someone talks to it.

    Amber, thanks for the great photo. Proud to have you, Jon and the pups on my blog.

  5. Melissa Kiser says:

    Thank goodness social media pages are not like children. They are similar to dogs in that they get very messy, require constant maintenance and cleanup, and at times you love them and despise them, but they aren’t *forever* like a child. And I don’t think I would ever claim to *love* my company’s Facebook page or its Flickr account. And I certainly won’t continue to love it if it barfs on me in the middle of the night. 😀

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