More about dogs and social media

Lauren Huston

On Wednesday, shortly after writing this post, I was contacted by blogger/dog owner Lauren Huston. Lauren offered to interview me to discuss in more detail the premise that “social media is like having a dog.” Here’s her post, which includes my comments.

A couple notes I’d like to add:

  • First, I want to thank Lauren. It’s rare for someone to reach out like she did and ask for more detail about a post. That’s what social media’s all about.
  • Second, all the credit for the phrase “social media is like a dog”–as stated in my post and in my comments on Lauren’s blog–goes to ESPN’s Carol Kruse. I love the analogy, but it’s not mine.
By the way, Lauren’s such a dedicated owner that her dog, Raegan, has a blog. Maybe someday Raegan will write a post called “Social media is like having a human.”
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