What collaboration looks like on Twitter

Tomorrow, I’ll be making a presentation at Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana*. While I’ll be speaking about LinkedIn, there’s an interesting subtext: the event might have never happened if not for Twitter. Here’s how it came about:

On April 27, I was part of an Asher Agency seminar at the Greater Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber’s Jon Swerens got things rolling by Tweeting before the seminar. Then, when I was discussing LinkedIn, Asher’s Lauren Zuber jumped in:

Shortly thereafter, others joined in the conversation as part of the backchannel that was going on while I presented. I didn’t realize it was happening at the time.

After the seminar, I thanked Amber, Joe, Kristin and Lauren for their comments:

And then an idea–would anyone want to get together to talk a little more about LinkedIn?

The group was receptive, and then something cool happened: Jennifer (@23skidooooo) asked if she could participate:

Which led to another idea: why not open it up to others?

And why not ask for a nominal admission fee, with the proceeds to benefit the organization Amber works for, Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana?

Jennifer said yes…

So Amber and I started to talk details via direct message…

And then something else really cool happened: Kevin Mullett offered to present another topic to benefit Cancer Services:

And the next day, less than 24 hours after it was first proposed, Cancer Services was Tweeting the details:

I think this example shows the true power of Twitter: a group of people with a similar interest quickly creating something out of nothing. Everyone had a role:

  • Jon got it started. The first Tweet sets the table for others to join in.
  • Lauren mentioned her need to do more with LinkedIn.
  • Joe, Amber and Kirstin, all of whom I trust, revealed the opportunity for a conversation about LinkedIn.
  • Jennifer showed that the interest may be broader than just a few people.
  • Kevin proposed that it didn’t have to be a one-time thing.
  • Cancer Services presented an outlet and made it all come together.

All of this goes to show that while you can certainly waste a lot of time on Twitter, you can be pretty productive, too. All it takes is some good connections and the desire to listen and engage.

*There are still a couple of seats left–you can register here. And you can also sign up for Kevin Mullett’s July 12 presentation here.
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4 Responses to What collaboration looks like on Twitter

  1. Awesome post Anthony! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

  2. donkincaid says:

    Thanks for showing how Twitter can be a medium for action!

  3. Lacey Anderson says:

    This is amazing to see it happen in screen shots! I want to attend the next one!!!

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