My TEDx talk – “Accessibility: Fort Wayne’s Competitive Advantage”

(If you have problems accessing the video above, click here.)

In May, I was fortunate to be part of the TEDx Fort Wayne event. I’d welcome your comments on the video above. If you’re living in Fort Wayne, what do you have access to that might otherwise be out of reach? How do you think the city should tell that story? And if you’re not from Fort Wayne, I’d like to hear from you, too: what is your perception of the city, and do my comments do anything to reinforce or change your perception?

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3 Responses to My TEDx talk – “Accessibility: Fort Wayne’s Competitive Advantage”

  1. Tammy Davis says:

    Thanks for giving and posting this talk, Anthony. I really wanted to be there in person, but I was traveling that day–so I’m very glad you posted it. I may be guiltier than anyone of low hometown self-esteem, so a couple of years ago I set out very intentionally to find reasons to like Fort Wayne for its own sake, not as a comparison to somewhere else. The execution of my plan has not been very consistent, but you’ve rejuvenated me. Wouldn’t it be great if a group of us would start a shared blog and regularly post our findings? What do you think?

    • ajjuliano says:

      Thanks for your comment, Tammy. I really like the idea of a collaborative effort focused on promoting Fort Wayne best attributes. My sense, though, is that your talents and perspective might be a great addition to an existing effort– like TEDx Fort Wayne, for example. Does anyone have other examples of efforts geared toward moving Fort Wayne forward?

  2. And here’s the video on TED’s site:;search:fort%20wayne

    I encourage others to use this to help people better understand our value proposition — re-post on forums, walls, twitter, use in face to face interactions… we need to sell, not apologize for our city – we have a rare gem!

    talked to someone from San Diego (a life long resident) yesterday, now CIO for large local company – used several points from this talk, it resonated with him — add to this the ‘crystal ball effect’ : by managing trends from the coasts and over seas, we can effectively adopt/prepare for what’s working and better ignore the ‘noise’ from pundit opinions.

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