Facebook isn’t compulsory–especially for B2B companies

A lot of the time I spend on social media consulting involves recommending what businesses NOT do. One example: it sometimes seems like there are individuals who don’t consider Facebook optional. The thinking seems to be, “well, there are 750 million people on Facebook…why shouldn’t my business be there?” I’ve written a couple different posts detailing why Facebook isn’t for everyone, but I recently read a quote that succinctly articulates the case against Facebook in the business-to-business environment.

Here’s what Ashley Goetz of Quantum Retail says in an interview with the SmartBlog on Social Media:

Facebook [is] not very applicable to us. It’s more of a personal social network and when you get into business messages it’s almost too invasive. … I think there’s a line you have to draw [regarding] what social media actually makes sense and how you use it in a professional business environment.

So, the next time a board member, boss, co-worker or another well-meaning influencer insists that your business “has to” be on Facebook, keep Goetz’s words in mind. Do they understand how Facebook really works? Or do they simply not understand that there may be better choices for your company when it comes to social media?

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2 Responses to Facebook isn’t compulsory–especially for B2B companies

  1. I don’t entirely agree, but I would say that Facebook should be low on your priority list if you’re a B2B company. I maintain a Facebook page for a law firm, and we made that the last thing we did fo them. We did a marketing brochure, web site, and many other things before we got to that. If you’re going to do it, do it WELL or not at all.

  2. Tammy Davis says:

    I agree that there absolutely has to be a strategy to Facebook. Just having a presence isn’t going to magically do anything for a company. In my company, we view it not necessarily as a relationship builder, but as one of several methods to point people to the space where we really want them to find us. It’s simply one of many doors to our house; it’s not the house itself.

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