The basics–how to request and give LinkedIn recommendations

Part 2 of 6

Using LinkedIn recommendations begins with knowing how to request them, and how to give them. Here’s a brief overview of both:

How to request

1. Log in to LinkedIn

2. You first must be connected to the person you want to request a recommendation from, so you may need to send a connection request and wait for him or her to approve it.

3. In the main LinkedIn menu, mouse over “Profile” and click “Recommendations” (see below)

4. Under the appropriate position for which you want to be recommended, click on “Ask to be endorsed.”

5. Type in the name of a connection or multiple connections. If you send the request to multiple people, it will NOT be sent as a bulk email (each person will receive a separate request). Then, complete the subject line and the text of the message. IMPORTANT: you’re asking someone to do you a favor, so take the time to personalize the request. How specifically do you think you have helped them? What will their recommendation allow you to do? Don’t just use the default text provided by LinkedIn.

6. Hit send.

7. You’re not done yet. If the recipient agrees to give you a recommendation, you will have to approve it after it arrives in your inbox. Otherwise, it will never be posted.

8. Finally, by all means, thank the person who recommended you. (Don’t, however, take the cue from LinkedIn to reciprocate–at least not yet. More on that tomorrow.)

How to recommend

1. Log in to LinkedIn

2. You first must be connected to the person you want to recommend, so you may need to send a connection request and wait for him or her to approve it.

3. Go to the profile of the person you want to recommend and click on “Recommend [Person’s Name]” (in the upper right hand corner).

4. A box will pop up asking you to choose whether you’re recommending as a “colleague” (you worked together at the same company), a “service provider” (the person you’re recommending did work for you as a vendor or otherwise on your behalf), a “business partner” (you worked together but you were neither a co-worker nor hired the person you’re recommending), or a “student” (you taught the person you’re recommending). Pick the one that’s most appropriate.

5. Then you’ll get to a page that looks like this (I’ve marked in red spaces where you should see the person you’re recommending’s name):

6. Now, select how you know the person you’re recommending, your title relevant to the recommendation, and the title of the person you’re recommending relevant to the recommendation. Then you just type the recommendation into the “Written Recommendation” box, hit send, and you’re done.

Any questions? Drop them in the comments and I’ll be happy to respond.

Tomorrow, I’ll discuss why timing is everything when it comes to recommendations–when you’re requesting them and when you choose to accept them.

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