What makes a great LinkedIn recommendation?

Part 4 of 6

The recommendations you receive on LinkedIn certainly say a lot about you as a professional. However, don’t underestimate the power of the recommendations you give. What you say, and who you say it about, can make a powerful impression on your contacts.

Writing a great LinkedIn recommendation is easy. Just focus on two things:

  • Write well. Avoid typos and grammatical errors. Be clear and concise. If it helps, write the recommendation in Word, save it, and proofread it later so you’re looking at it with a fresh set of eyes. And don’t forget to spell check.
  • Be specific. Write a recommendation that could only be about the recipient. Focus on one or two attributes that make them great at what they do, or tell a story that exemplifies their best qualities.

It won’t take very long–no more than fifteen minutes, usually. Give it the attention it deserves, and take the time to do it right, though. You’ll be glad you did, and so will the recipient.

Oh, one more thing–if you want example of what not to do, click here.

Tomorrow, I’ll discuss why it’s crucial to set the bar high when deciding when to give–and request–LinkedIn recommendations.

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