And if you do quit, consider “hiring yourself”

"NOW HIRING" by ***Karen on Flickr

On Wednesday, I offered some unsolicited advice to those unhappy with their jobs:

Quit. Or at least start looking for something new. Now.

The main thing that holds people back, of course, is that they don’t have another job to move on to. But I would suggest there’s another possibility you may not have thought of: maybe instead of looking for someone to hire you, you should hire yourself.

Scott Ginsberg has written about the “hire yourself” movement. So has Seth GodinCoudal Partners has built a business around the concept, describing itself in this video* as having “no clients.”

What does “hiring yourself” mean to you? Maybe it’s that book you’ve always wanted to write. Maybe it’s the business you always wanted to start. Maybe it’s taking your great ideas and turning them into great tangible, salable, living things. Yes, it’s hard. But isn’t what you’re doing now pretty hard anyway?

*Hat tip: Andy Welfle

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