How relationships work on Google Plus

Here’s something worth knowing if you’re new to Google Plus: relationship management is a little different than on sites like Facebook or LinkedIn. As the diagram above shows, the people you put in your circles don’t have to add you, and vice versa. There will be an intersection, of course, where both parties choose to add each other in their respective circles. However, one advantage on Google Plus is that reciprocity is not mandatory. That means none of the awkwardness you have on Facebook or LinkedIn when you don’t accept a friend/connection request.

Want to learn more about Google Plus? I’ll be making two presentations in September designed to help new users understand its features and make the most of their time on the site (see the list of “My Upcoming Presentations and Classes” at right). If you’re interested in attending, mark the date and time on your calendar and contact me, and I’ll send you the registration info as soon as its ready.

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