Recap of “3 Unassailable Social Media Truths”

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting the Rotary Club of New Albany to discuss social media. I had only 20 minutes to speak, so I focused on just a few things–what I call three “unassailable social media truths.” My goal was to focus on a few concepts that, amid all the change that comes with social media, will be as true in the future as the are today.

The three things I discussed were:

1. You can’t do it all, but you probably should do something. Being involved in social media is no longer an option for anyone who wants to succeed in his or her career. Why? Your customers are beginning to demand that you be available to them in the social media space, just like they demand you be available via phone, email, etc. However, trying to do it all is just as bad as not doing anything. There are opportunity costs either way, so it’s critical that you use only the tools that provide the most value–for yourself and your audience.

2. Social media is nothing more than an amplifier. It doesn’t change reality; it only amplifies the conversations about you/your brand that are already taking place. More on that here.

3. It’s not really about marketing. That might seem like a strange statement coming from a marketing guy like myself. But the successful deployment of a social media strategy is absolutely contingent upon resisting the urge to think of social media is a marketing tool. The reason for this is pretty simple: your audience doesn’t want more marketing. They do, however, need information, education and–sometimes–entertainment from and about your brand. And one of the best ways to find out what they want to be informed and educated about is to use social media as a listening tool and not just another broadcast medium.

Now those aren’t the only unassailable social media truths, but they’re three that are definitely worth talking about. What would you add to this list? What’s true about social media that you think will never change?

P.S. A huge thank you to the Rotary Club of New Albany’s Fran Fach for inviting me to speak and to Steve Kozarovich of The Lane Report for suggesting my name to Fran. It was very much worth the trip.

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One Response to Recap of “3 Unassailable Social Media Truths”

  1. It’s a two-way street – always has been and will be. Comment on what others have to say, and expect to answer those who talk to you.

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