Join me for “Get Organized!” on Oct. 5

I’m very pleased to announce a new productivity seminar I’ll be conducting with Emily Osbun Bermes of Solstice Coaching and Emily Fitzgerald of Organized Living Solutions. On Oct. 5, the two Emiles and I will present “Get Organized!  How to Stay Productive in Today’s Fast-Paced, Hyperconnected World” from 8-11 a.m. at the Greater Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce. Our goal is to provide you with strategies and tactics for making sense of all the inputs in your life so you can increase your productivity and ultimately do your very best work.

My session, “Avoiding Inbox Insanity,” will focus on how you can create a system for managing email and other tools so you can be more productive and achieve the focus you need to communicate more clearly. Emily F. will present “Organize for Productivity,” which will help you learn how to organize your paper and time. And Emily Bermes will close the morning with “Open Door Policy Pitfalls and Delegation Fallacies,” a look at fool-proof techniques for delegation (even if you don’t have subordinates right now), as well as best practices for busy professionals and executives.

Registration is just $19 for Greater Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce members and $39 for non-members. A full description, along with registration information, is available here. I hope to see you there!

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