Delicious: a new look for old reliable

Today’s the day for the relaunch of the social bookmarking site Delicious (click here for an All Things Digital piece about the changes). The new look is the first thing I noticed, and it’s a huge improvement over a design that had persisted for a while after Yahoo stopped putting time and money into the site. But the changes are more than cosmetic: Delicious has added a new feature called “stacks” that allows users to create “playlists”–and not just for music or videos. Here’s an overview:

My favorite things about Delicious, though, are as old as the site itself:

  • The ability to bookmark websites and categorize them in one place, just one time, making them available regardless of which computer I’m on or which browser I’m using. As I mentioned in a post last week, that alone makes Delicious more valuable to me than Facebook or Twitter.
  • The ability to learn what others are bookmarking right now and most frequently, giving me a sense of what others value. This is a great way to discover sites and content that might otherwise get lost in the flood of information we have to deal with every day. (One interesting side note: you always hear stories about people first hearing about major news events on Twitter. But Delicious has the same ability to tap into the zeitgeist. It’s where I found out, for example, that Gabrielle Giffords had been shot.)
Altogether, today’s relaunch is a welcome sight for the Delicious users who thought we were reading its obituary nine months ago. It’s a second chance not only for Delicious, but for us, too.
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