Repurpose your LinkedIn recommendations

"064.365.2011 - Thumbs up" by Jeff the Trojan on Flickr

Getting a LinkedIn recommendation is a great thing. After all, it’s not every day that someone goes out of his or her way to compliment your work, and there’s no better evidence of your capabilities than what others have to say about your talent and expertise.

In fact, your LinkedIn recommendations are so valuable that they likely have a life well beyond LinkedIn. Consider all the ways they can be repurposed (with the consent of the person who recommended you, of course):

  • As testimonials on your website
  • As testimonials on your resume (“recommendations available right here, right now” beats the hell out of “recommendations available upon request”)
  • As references in a proposal
  • In a bio, to provide examples of what you do and who it helps
  • In your brochures or other print materials

Don’t make the mistake of thinking LinkedIn recommendations have little value because you only have a few connections. Pursue recommendations from those most likely to provide them (just keep these tips in mind), then think beyond LinkedIn and you’ll begin to see how your they may be among your greatest assets.

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3 Responses to Repurpose your LinkedIn recommendations

  1. This is a GREAT idea. Thank you!

  2. Great ideas!

    I find it ironic that earlier this morning I added my favorite one (part of it) to my email signature —

    “Craig Crook is Fort Wayne’s answer to Seth Godin. He’s an “ideas guy” to the core–someone who inspires individuals, organization and communities to make the most of the opportunities emerging in the new economic environment… ”

    Sound familiar? : )

    Thanks again for this kind sentiment… I’m sure we will also re-purpose it as we are ramping up for #TEDxFW 2012

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