Shucks, hugs and rock n’ roll

Which is the least rock n’ roll thing you can think of? Soccer Mom Mobiles? Wal-Mart? Joint inflammation?

Now, thanks to your friends in the advertising world, you don’t need to choose. This holiday season, you can lump the Honda Pilot, Jon Boni Jovi, Sam Walton’s superstore, AC/DC, Advil, and Ozzy Osbourne into the same G-rated stew. Honda, you see, is using a song by the Prince of Darkness to sell its crossover to suburban families…

A band that the crazies still associate with Satanism is now pitching for Wally World…

And Jon Bovi is hailin’ the healin’ power of Advil…

What’s next? Marilyn Manson for Huggies?

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One Response to Shucks, hugs and rock n’ roll

  1. Tom McCool says:

    A suburban family with a token African-American driving through the desert. What is that about?

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