Does your social media presence solve a problem for your audience, or create a new one?

When your brand launches a new social media presence, it’s hard to stay objective. You want the audience to embrace it, love it, appreciate it, and respond to it, and you likely think the content will be worthy of such a response (if not, you probably wouldn’t have launched it in the first place). It’s important to remember, however, that as more brands launch social media presences, simply being there is no longer enough. Your content needs to solve a problem for the audience–inform them, educate them, or entertain them, for example–if it stands any chance of getting traction.

If your content doesn’t solve a problem for your audience, it’s likely doing the opposite–creating a problem for them. When you announce the launch of a new social media presence, you’re asking your audience to spend time 1. checking it out, and 2. deciding whether it’s worth their time. That may seem like a minimal imposition, but don’t underappreciate the degree to which today’s audience hates to be inconvenienced. If you waste their time by calling attention to something that ultimately proves valueless to them, your brand will take a pretty serious hit. It’s also unlikely they’ll trust you the next time you ask for their time and attention.

Remember this the next time you think about using another social media tool to connect with your audience. Are you launching it because it will solve a problem for your audience and give them an experience that truly benefits them–and will ou be able to sustain that effort over time? Or are you doing it because you think you should? If the latter is true, all you may end up doing is giving your audience another problem–something else to think about. And the last thing today’s audience needs is something else to think about.

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