Pinterest and your business: my comments from My Fox Fort Wayne (and a few others)

I recently had the opportunity to speak with WFFT Local News My Fox Fort Wayne about Pinterest, the hottest site in social media. My comments, which you can watch here, focused on the business use of Pinterest. Here are a few additional thoughts:

  • Many recent stories about Pinterest have focused on its position as the “fastest growing social media site of all time.” We have to remember, though, that the same was said of Google Plus not long ago. The fact is, any social media site that launches today benefits from the OVERALL growth of social media–an advantage that wasn’t available to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (not to mention Friendster and MySpace) when they launched.
  • Some of Pinterest’s popularity is due to a larger trend of our audience preferring photos over words. As much as I value words (I agree with Erik Deckers on that topic), I think most people prefer images and video.
  • To some extent, most of Pinterest’s content is marketing content. One of its primary uses is for sharing of products, which speaks to some of its value to retailers.
  • Still, organizations should be very careful before committing resources to Pinterest. It’s still maturing and the reality is that–for most organizations–the best opportunities exist elsewhere.
  • If Pinterest proves anything, it’s that people will still give more time to social media if a tool provides them with something new.
  • I’m not a Pinterest user myself, nor do I see myself becoming one anytime soon. Like most everyone else, I can only spend so much time with social media, and other tools are better aligned with my objectives (specifically, this blog and LinkedIn, which get the vast majority of the attention I give to social media). I’d rather spend my time learning how the tool affects my clients than spend my time using the tool for my own personal interests.

Want to learn more about what what Pinterest has to offer from a personal, consumer perspective? Check out part one of WFFT Local News’ My Fox Fort Wayne’stwo-part series on Pinterest.

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2 Responses to Pinterest and your business: my comments from My Fox Fort Wayne (and a few others)

  1. Jim Blue says:


    Thanks for your blog comments about our story. One correction, though. We are WFFT Local News, not FOX. We became an independent station last August.

    Thanks for your interview.

    Jim Blue
    News Director
    WFFT Local News

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