We’re all procrastinators

“Who cares” by coda on Flickr

You know what’s way overrated? Procrastination as some kind of disease, some kind of affliction.

I’ve never met anyone who claimed to be good at getting things done way ahead of schedule. The truth is, even if you’re organized, you’ll probably continue working on some projects–especially the big ones–right up until they’re due. In today’s environment, you don’t finish so much as run out of time.

So if you’re beating yourself up over what you might perceive to be procrastination, stop. You’re probably not as lazy or disorganized as you think. As long as what needs to get done gets done, don’t waste time worrying about finishing ahead of deadline. It’s true that rushing doesn’t help anything, so plan ahead to avoid mistakes. Don’t kick yourself, however, over something that ultimately won’t matter if–and this is important–you get the job done right.

We’re all procrastinators. You’re probably not a lot worse off than everyone else.

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One Response to We’re all procrastinators

  1. Robyne says:

    Sometimes I find that I am most creative under pressure. I get my best work done under the right kind of pressure.

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