MORE evidence that a photo on your LinkedIn profile is a must

Back in February of 2011, I wrote a post called “Why a photo on your LinkedIn profile is a must.” As I said, there’s very little upside to omitting a photo, and that leaving it off signals one of three things to your audience:

  • That you don’t know how to upload a photo (and are therefore incompetent)
  • That you haven’t taken the time to do it (and are therefore lazy)
  • That you don’t have a photo of yourself that you like (and are therefore either unattractive or lacking in confidence)

I recently came across another compelling argument for making sure a photo is part of your profile–this heat map from a study done by The Ladders:

See what gets the most attention?

So, if you don’t have a photo, you’ve omitted the thing most likely to connect with those who visit your profile. That means they’ll be much less likely to keep reading.

OK, how do you add a photo? Simple:

1. Ensure you have a photo loaded on to your computer and know where to find it. Make sure it’s a vertically-oriented, professional photo (NOT one of you at play, with a spouse, with a dog, etc., unless that’s somehow related to your work) smaller than 4 MB. Even if you prefer how you looked five years ago, use something that looks like the present-day you.

2. Log in to LinkedIn

3. On the home page, click on Profile, then Edit Profile, then Edit Photo (just to the left of your name). You’ll see something that looks like this (absent the photo, of course):

4. Click on the “Edit” link under the photo box

5. Click on “Choose file”; select it from the correct folder on your hard drive

6. Click on “Upload photo”

7. Decide whether you want your photo visible to everyone, only your 1st degree connections, or those in your network (your connections and your connections’ connections)

8. Click on “Save settings” and you’re done

9. If you still have problems, contact me and I’ll walk you through it

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2 Responses to MORE evidence that a photo on your LinkedIn profile is a must

  1. Nick Harter says:

    Brilliant. I love those three reasons and it’s exactly what I think when I see a picture missing.

  2. Fred Cannon says:

    I think of those three reasons too, but I also wonder if they’re hiding from someone or if they’re hiding anything else when they fail to post an image.

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