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Should your employer have input into your LinkedIn profile?

Great find from the awesome and always observant Ashley Motia: “Would You Let Your Employer Tell You What Your LinkedIn Profile Should Say?” from The Consumerist. Here’s a summary of the story: [O]ne Consumerist reader[‘s]…employer recently told all staffers to … Continue reading

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Tweet and sour: the worst thing about poorly worded social media posts might be our response to them

On Friday, a friend of mine posted a screen capture of this Tweet, saying it was “in really, really poor taste”: While I agree that it was poorly worded, my immediate reaction wasn’t disgust about the post. It was a … Continue reading

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Why everyone under 25 should whack Catherine Sloane with a wet noodle

A recent Nextgen Journal post by Catherine Sloane has created quite a bit of controversy, especially among those of us who are–at least relatively speaking–a little geezer-y. The title of Sloane’s piece pretty much sums up her premise and the … Continue reading

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Who’s indispensable to you–and who brings you down?

I’m a big believer in Dunbar’s Number. I think it’s more critical than ever to choose wisely when building relationships and deciding where your time and attention are best invested. That’s why I was so intrigued by an article a … Continue reading

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A challenge for you this week

If you’re not getting the results you want from social media, maybe it’s time to try something different. This week, every time you have the urge to go to Facebook, go to LinkedIn instead. Spend the same amount of time … Continue reading

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This month’s Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly column: LinkedIn in Ten Minutes a Day

LinkedIn in Ten Minutes a Day Social media is like a lot of things in the business world: What you get out of it is proportional to what you put into it. That doesn’t mean, however, that the effective use … Continue reading

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Where LinkedIn is headed: two perspectives

The future of LinkedIn already looked a lot rosier to me the minute auto-posting from Twitter was discontinued. According to two recent articles, however, that’s just the start of the changes coming to LinkedIn. In this this interview with Forbes … Continue reading

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