Don’t intentionally step in shit

“Walking” By koeb on Flickr

If you saw a pile of crap on the sidewalk just ahead of you, you’d avoid it, right?

So, in a world with a lot of clear pathways in the guise of good content and conversations very much worth your while, why would you spend any time with…

  • Arguments about religion, politics, or other topics where there is no chance of changing anyone’s opinion?
  • Talk radio designed to further polarize people?
  • Snarky comments from people who want to drag you down with them?
  • Content that won’t teach you anything new but that conveniently prevents you from doing the work you need to do?
  • People who infuriate you for any reason whatsoever?

Don’t intentionally step in shit. It will find you eventually even when you’re not aiming for it, but you’ll want to step around it whenever you can. If not, you’ll spend a lot of time cleaning it off your shoes–more time, in fact, than it would have taken you to avoid it in the first place.

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2 Responses to Don’t intentionally step in shit

  1. Definitely, no one should waste their time on waste. It is healthier mentally and physically to expel it from your social media diet on a daily basis;).

  2. Andy Welfle says:

    Arguments about religion, politics, or other topics where there is no chance of changing anyone’s opinion?

    I disagree (respectfully, of course). Greta Christina said it best that when you’re arguing/debating in a public forum (Twitter, Facebook, blogs, forums), you’re not necessarily arguing to sway the other person, but to those watching who might be on the fence. This holds true for pro-atheism arguments, pro-religion arguments, and pro-polka dot arguments.

    She went on to suggest that it is definitely possible that you can sway your opponent directly (though through multiple arguments, over time), but I think the above is the most powerful point. If you have something that you’re trying to convince someone of, and you have the chops to do it, it’s not futile. You may have to step in shit to get there, but there are some gold nuggets on the other side you may want to get to.

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