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Why I don’t (usually) recommend Groupon

Two stories about Groupon caught my eye this morning: “Groupon Was ‘The Single Worst Decision I Have Ever Made As A Business Owner‘” on TechCrunch, and “Groupon Is a Straight-Up Ponzi Scheme” on the Knewton blog. The headlines say a lot about … Continue reading

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Turn the camera around

Organizations are used to putting themselves in front of the camera to tell their story. Today, there’s a better way. Instead of pointing the camera at the organization, it’s crucial that you point the camera at the audience and let … Continue reading

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My presentation at today’s NCMPR District 3 Conference: reating a Virtual Community: Using Social Media to Connect With Students, Prospects and Alumni

Today, I’ll be presenting at the National Council for Marketing & Public Relations District 3 Conference in Indianapolis. My topic, “Creating a Virtual Community: Using Social Media to Connect With Students, Prospects and Alumni,” is designed to give examples of … Continue reading

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“[Don’t] hand your marketing keys over to Zuckerberg just yet”: social media as part of the marketing/communication continuum

Matt Owen’s Econsultancy post “Why social media needs to learn the marketing basics” is a spot-on look at how vital it is to integrate all of your marketing efforts. Owen begins by acknowledging that both “new” and “old” media are … Continue reading

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What’s in a name?

This long overdue SmartBlog on Social Media post does a great job of telling all the social media “gurus,” “ninjas” and “rockstars” to get over themselves: [S]ocial-media marketing isn’t like other industries. It’s got something to prove…and that task becomes … Continue reading

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My Fall Classes at IPFW

I’ll be teaching four classes at IPFW this fall–Introduction to Social Media, Social Media for Business, LinkedIn for Professional Development, and a small business marketing class called “Who are our Customers and Where are They?” Click on the links below … Continue reading

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